Sunday, May 15, 2011

You live for you, not for other people. am i right?


hai guys. it's has been a long time ai tak update kan. Ai just read nurulbadiah blog. yes, ai love to read her blog. And she is ganurian. ai can't believe this. hot blogger with a same state as me. oh, how excited.

nurulbadiah lai

Once again, ai like her topic."Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults".

Yes! why need to be sad because of others? why? why?

please don't guys. it just make u feel hurt. Let say orang cakap macam ni kat u.

" alahh, kau tu belajar tinggi-tinggi, belum tentu dapat keje bagus "
" blog kau ntah pape kot. bajet bagus ape "
" old fashion laa kau ni "

oaaammjayyy. for me, senang je. you make your live good, and ai will do the same. you do your own, and me also.

why need to feel down because of them. no need guys. buang masa je.

we are born to be success. nobody want to be failed. right?

so, please. be somebody that you want to be, not others want to see you as. you will never happy if you just live to get attention from people around you.

you live for you. not for other people. do what you want to do as long it does not conflict with our religion. peace! =)

ok bai


Judiene said...

I love reading her blog too.
Anyway, what you write her utterly right.
This is my first time here.


sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

we're just comfortable with our ways...biarkn mereka2 itu

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

hye dear:)
thanks 4 this entry even not directly ditujukan for me..
buat i love to read this:)

and all u said it damn true

Solihin Zubir said...

nurulbadiah lai cantik.. sy suka tgok gmbr dia je.. ;-p