Friday, May 27, 2011

It is impossible to stop people talking bad about you. it's a fact


hai guys. long time not babling here. lately kan, ai found myself love to talk about people. ai mean people behaviour. it is a way to throw away my stress. haha. (it's not funny actually =) )

so, guys. it is normal rite when people say something bad about you at the back. yaa, in front of you, they so kind macam " ha ah, betol la apa you cakap", " yes, you are absolutely rite" , bla bla bla and so on.

but at the back, " eh dia ni bla bla bla (saying something bad on you)". people, is always like that. but you know what, they say something bad on you because they jelous with what you have and the fact, they dont have that. oh, pity rite.

for me, it's simple. ai dont mind on what people want to say about me. either in a good or bad sense. because ai know, i dont do anything wrong with them. so, they can talk whenever they want to talk about.

ai dont understand why some people feel underestimate when other people talk badly on them. like "apehal fesyen kau macam ni. it's an old fashion, ewww, tak kena langsung dengan kau kott". then because of that people, you feel like "oammjayy, you feel down. in your mind, what kind of fashion ai should wear after dis. down!"

oh my. please guys. wear anything that you want to wear as long as you feel comfortable with it and do not violate our religious law. kemon guys, you live for you. not for them.

some gurls they feel so so down when they realize that they not beautiful. please dont be like this gurls. you are beautiful in your own way. rememberthis "no people is perfect, we have our own strength. believe it". yeah!! =p

p/s: jangan lupa tengok cerita nora elena. insin-khamis (tv3) jam 7 pm. siyes best cerita ni ( takde kena mengena dengan topic. keke)

ok bai.


Amirah Adnan said...

sokong laju2!

suke ayat neh :

"no people is perfect, we have our own strength. believe it"

p/s : cite tuh mmg best.. tapi heroin kelaut la..

Tao | Slayerz said...

huhu.. cute kan dye tuh.. penah gak termasuk dalam mimpi tao..huu

sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

dia punyer fesyen biarlah.

アヌム ちゃん said...

Salam. moshi2..singgah jalan2 bw sini~
Dah lama tak bw ni rindu pulak :)
btw, nice blog~
Visit dari frommetoyou
Arigatou (^____^)