Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome again!


Hai bloggers. me come back. hoyeah! 

A lil bit busy right now. Since i already entitle a workhaholic women (workhaholic la sangat kan ! ngeh ngeh), so, i dont have much time to visit my own blog actually. sad aite? +_+

truly said, i'm happy working at psmza. Seriously. i love to teach and i enjoy it also. Pagi-pagi, sampai ofis, ofismate tanya. mila, dah makan belum? jummmm makan. same goes for lunch. ^______^

and now, what can i say...i gain weight. for 2 kilo maybe. omaiigoshhhhh.. nooooooo! acaner nih nak reduce weight balik. (thinking! thinking!)

till then. see u later.

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